Suzi Caffreys, Intuitive Counselor

Hi, I’m Suzi Caffreys a Intuitive Counselor in Portland, Oregon. Those who find me want honesty about what’s happening in their lives and guidance about how to progress. We find these answers together, and more importantly, each person regains a sense of love for themselves.

All my life, I’ve been acutely aware of those who have genuine self-esteem and those who were disconnected from their rare and luscious beauty. The suffering and pain from not loving ourselves calls me to this work each day to assist however I can.

For over 20 years, I devoted myself to a career in social services, surrounded by domestic violence, at risk-youth, sexual assault cases, and deep poverty. I witnessed first hand how the spirit of a person can overcome and thrive under insurmountable obstacles. My goal was to become an advocate, helping people come back into their own strength, a privilege and honor I will always remember.

My work with clients is focused on spiritual healing. If you’re drawn to learn more about yourself, discover what’s off-track, and guide yourself into real fulfillment, let’s get you started.

And if there's one thing you remember today, make it this:

“The only thing you can take with you is love.  It is the only thing you can withdraw from your account when you no longer have a body.”

– Lots of love, Suzi 

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