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July 1, 2019

Many of you are rightfully concerned about the political state of our country. We are in peril and civil war, and we're losing our democracy. I have a few ideas to help, and they're easier than you might think. 

But first, we need to go back to the foundational truth on which this country was built.  Do you own a physical copy of the Constitution? If not, start there

The Constitution was created so we could BE the United States.  It's an agreed upon set of rules to ensure our freedom as a nation with different opinions and agendas, yet we've forgotten its importance. We are letting political talking heads educate and brainwash us about what's right and wrong. Instead, we should be collectively holding them accountable to what's in the Constitution. To do that,we must read it for ourselves! We can become the informed majority, if we rearrange our priorities

Political debates will be starting for the 2020 election. Again, the first step is to order a hard copy , read it, then email me, and I will guide you to the next level of involvement. 

I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.    

".... while any one voter's ignorance usually matters very little,  systematic ignorance by the majority can cause great harm." - Ilya Somin, a professor George Mason University.

With Love

Suzi Caffreys

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