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Healing: After a Diagnosis, Argument, or Traumatic Event.

February 2, 2017
There's a period of time after a hard truth has been exposed where everything feels raw. This also happens after a diagnosis, argument, or traumatic event. It's no different than being burned. The skin needs to time heal, and when everything feels tender, it can be hard to take even one step.
Would you like to know what to do or say after a major event has rattled your world? I believe this is a vital skill to hone because it helps you come back into your power.
For years, I taught parenting classes to those who had abused their children. I saw that a safe space was needed for children to get mad once the truth of abuse had been exposed. This is how the process of renewal would start for them. To the parent, it felt like things got worse before it got better. The beginning of healthy progression is often messy.
Starting to heal may look like a rebellion, collapse, or simply time out. What does it look like for you? What is your soul wanting to express or aching to receive? 
If you're trying to mentally or cognitively figure this out, your mind will create more panic and fear. Try freehand writing instead. Pen on paper contact is an organic way to heal. Use scrap paper or the back of an envelope to release your thoughts. You can even burn it afterwards, if you want. Your writing isn't meant for a book, journal, or any preservation at all. It's meant to quiet your brain and unlock your intuition.
We can't run everything on computers or with our minds. Intuition is essential for survival. If you want to develop your inner sense, try activities that do not require problem solving:

  • Cooking without a recipe.
  • Wandering around a store without a list.
  • Having a day with no plans.
  • Sitting with pen and paper.
  • Calling a friend for no reason.
These examples allow the body, mind, and soul to "tune in" to guidance and recognize its own voice. When your heart is tender, it can feel like information is coming from all angles. Your intuitive voice will lead you to truth, calm, and lasting healing. It will also remind you that nothing remains. Everything is temporary.   
As always, let me know if I can help along the way.  
Until next time,
Suzi Caffreys

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