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How to Let Go When Your Not Being Seen: Being Misunderstood

April 10, 2016
Are you sad or frustrated because there are people in your life who don't "get you?" 

Here are some false beliefs that we tell ourselves when we require or even demand that we are understood by others:
1.  My needs are most important in this situation, time and place.
2.  Others are capable, but unwilling to meet my needs.
3.  If they really cared, they would know this about me.

Being misunderstood and unseen is one of the most painful things a human being can endure. We avoid it at all costs. It feels heartbreaking and toxic because it is... but here's something to consider: 

What if the toxic part is actually the expectation we put on a boss, coworker, friend, neighbor or family member to meet our emotional (spiritual) needs? 

Let's try something... Write down the name of a person who doesn't "get you." (It helps to see it.) 

Now step back, detach from the feelings, move out of the emotion, and watch as an observer. What information is God showing you? Remember this is only information and you need fresh information because without God's support, all you have are accusations, assumptions, pain and frustration. 

What needs ARE being met? What strengths do you share with each other? Jot these down and you might just discover the hidden value of these seemingly one-sided and frustrating relationships. What if this is not the end of the relationship but just part of life? 

Maybe being misunderstood is just a reminder that we are human. 

Until next time, 
Suzi Caffreys

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