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March 6, 2015

Have you ever stressed out about how much "stuff" you have? Conversely, what kind of "stuff" would you give anything to have?  We each have a relationship with our things and often times; it can rob us of joy. Busy people often find the need to justify their stuff. "Please excuse the mess I have been busy with ..."

Creative people who enjoy their unique items and collections often feel protective of their relationship with their stuff.  Spiritual people will explain that they know the energy is off or that their space is not "Feng Shui," but they are working on it.

I'm sure you've read numerous articles online about whipping your space into shape. Here's the issue: These mindsets and modalities are often a temporary fix. We're likely to revert back to our true nature and relationship with our things.

When asked for my opinion of this, I always ask the same series of questions:

1. Can you get to what you need?
2. Is there room for family and friends to visit?
3. Do you have an infestation of pests?
4. Do your items evoke a positive memory?
5. Do you enjoy the things you have?

I was at a creative friend's home last week and this came up, so I asked her the same questions. Her place is darling and her home is one of my favorite places to visit. I was surprised that this had become an issue for her. 

She mentioned that she needed to de-clutter. When I asked WHY, she explained that she was being pressured by others to consolidate. Although she had every right to have her home look the way she wanted, she still doubted herself.

We walked through the house, listening to her stuff (yes things talk). There was only one item that did not want to be there and was ready to move on. She left the rest untouched and felt free to enjoy her unique and creative space.

Talking to your stuff may seem really odd, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. Let's practice now: Hold an item, ask it where it wants to go, and then listen.

You will get a hit or a thought about it. "Oh this would be great for... or I really feel disconnected from this and want to send it on." You also might hear, "I am not done with this." Sometimes stuff wants to get out of the house and you can't get it to the car fast enough because it has to go NOW!

If you brought these items into your house there was a reason. When it's time to go, you have the ability to sit and listen to each item. Only you can know what the purpose was and what the purpose currently is for the things you have. Stuff is energy and requires you to be conscious and listen.

Enjoy your life and everything (and everyone) in it.

Until next time
Suzi Caffreys

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