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Let Yourself Off the Hook

October 4, 2019

Do you sometimes go to bed at night feeling like you didn't give enough or try hard enough that day?

This is common for those of you who are hard-working go-getters. You lie awake with the belief that if you had only tried harder, your outcomes would be different.This form of self-punishment won't help. Here's a turn-around technique to alleviate the pressure and rest your worried mind.

Start with this question: Were you told that if you give 100% things will (and should) work in your favor?

That belief is directly linked to your pain because it's not always true. There are days you'll lack sleep, focus, or good health, and on those days, you're likely giving 100% of what you have available.

Do you know about the "Spoon Theory," coined by Christine Miserandino? It's a fantastic visualization for chronic pain sufferers who are limited in what they can do in a day. The Spoon Theory says we have a fixed number of spoons available. Each task, no matter how mundane, uses a spoon. When your spoons have run out, you've given enough. You can rest easy knowing you did your best.

The Spoon Theory also applies to anyone feeling burned out, shut down, ineffective, or downright exhausted. Start giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. When your head hits the pillow, include these in your final words: "I gave 100% today. That was enough. I am enough. Tomorrow's another day."

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