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March 2, 2018
While getting a haircut recently, my hairdresser mentioned how exhausting it's been to hear clients rage about politics. Because she has a service to perform, she's chosen to silence her opinions. She adds, "Clients won't even ask how I feel. They just assume I agree with them." 

It's a heated time in our country, and no one can deny there's tension in the air. Many of you have asked how to take better care of yourself. Some of you feel more safe being quiet, while others are asking how to choose your words wisely when you disagree.

It's important to know--there's a price to pay for both silence and outward expression. When you look back three years from now or at the end of your life, you'll have to answer if you're proud of the way you handled yourself. Have you betrayed your sense of right or wrong? 

My job with clients is to be neutral and professional while they are in my office with regards to my political and religious beliefs. My office is a safe place for everyone. What I'm hearing is, no one's feeling good about what's happening right now. They question their responses, struggle with regret, and feel disconnected.    

Have you ever had a knee-jerk reaction to something and felt bad about it later? Have you ever kept quiet when you could have spoken up? The outside world can be hurtful, but your self-esteem is what's taking the biggest hit. 


In these emotional times, it's crucial to model and teach respect that starts with yourself. If you'd like to explore what this means for you, then please reach out. I am here to support you, and I appreciate your desire to make the most of this moment.   

There's a light and dark side to every situation. Learn which side is speaking for you and take charge of the energy you bring into the world. 
Until Next Time 
Suzi Caffreys

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