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Mother's Day: Be Honest While Honoring Your Mother.

April 29, 2016

Mother's Day has been an interesting challenge for me.

We have a national holiday that is intended to recognize mothers and honor them. Growing up, I saw my mother struggle with this. Her relationship with her mom was strained and my relationship with my mom was no different.

In fact, Mother's Day has been awkward from the start. I remember my sister getting mad at our brother for picking out a gushy card that said all the things our mother was not. My sister would argue that he could have found a card without being a liar. He insisted that he had tried.

On this day, I honor that my mother gave me life, I mourn the death of my son, and I celebrate the profound relationship I have with my daughter.

When my daughter was little, she noticed my conflicting emotions and photo copied Shel Silverstein's poem,  Forgotten Language . In her young handwriting, she wrote me this message:

"I think it's ridiculous that  in one day, in one card, in one gift, we are supposed to show our appreciation for mothers. I appreciate you every time I look at you; every time I think of you; every time I smell lavender. Because of you, I will forever be able to speak the language of the flowers."

Please remember to take care of yourself and to be honest while honoring your mother. It is possible.

Until next time,

Suzi Caffreys

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