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Synchronicity: Following Signs From God.

May 25, 2016

Have you ever had absolute certainty that you were following signs from God, but then you were dropped on your butt?

Chances are, you probably looked for the silver lining in that situation. There may or may not have been one. Your mind will search and search, replaying all the events while reaching for the purpose in what had occurred.

What I hear from clients is, "I'm confused. I trusted God and now I don't even trust myself. What did I miss? Why did this happen?"

Because we feel the separateness of being in the body, we long for connection. We want to know what went wrong and how we can do better next time. We are born to learn.

Your relationship with God is always being fine-tuned. Let's detach for a minute from the feeling of disappointment and break this down:

1.   As children who walk with God, we sometimes run ahead.

2.   We do this because we're eager to understand or anxious to make things happen. But in this pursuit, we are prone to skip steps.

You might not like being called a child. None of us do because it's hard on the ego and our pride gets the best of us. But it's actually quite humbling to view ourselves as perpetual students.

When I feel "dropped" by God I drop to my knees. It's easy because I am half way there already and I assume that must have been the point.

We may run ahead and skip steps, but as long as we keep humble, we will always have God's support

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