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The Painful Birth of a New Understanding: Shocking Realization.

March 4, 2016
Have you ever been hit with a sudden occurrence or a shocking realization that you were sure you could not survive? 
There's a place inside each of us that can withstand any devastation. I call it the pilot light and no matter how much you hurt, it always stays aflame. So when sadness hits, let it sink in. When tears flow, feel their warmth as they stream down your cheeks.  
You have been brought to your knees to listen. Understand this is very important. This situation has the power to reveal the purpose of your soul and the reason you chose to take a body. Don't go numb. This is a critical time where your presence is crucial. 
Notice how there's a holding together and falling apart that's simultaneously occurring with the soul. It's the stretching and growing of life, and the painful birth of a new understanding.
What a wonderful thing. Your pilot light is always on. When it's shining bright, the world can see you. When it goes dim and it's time to fall apart, know that it's warming you from inside... and it will never, ever allow you to disappear.
Until next time,
Suzi Caffreys

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