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What Do You Care About Most?

November 18, 2015
It's good to take inventory of what matters to you. Here's a self-check exercise that will help you see what you're doing with your life, and focus on what's important right now.
Write down the top ten things you care about most, and explain why each of them is emotional for you.
For instance, how we spend our time, energy and resources is a passionate topic for me. It's emotional because I connect with people whose time here on Earth is gone.  
Here are two suggestions to help you get started.
1. Focus on TOPICS, not people or things. You might care about your children or family most, but get more specific. What about parenthood sparks your emotions? Why did you want children? 
2. When you answer the part about why this is emotional for you, consider topics that don't just get you angry or sad. What makes you absolutely ALIVE with joy and delight?
Can you come up with ten topics? It can be difficult, but it's sure to awaken parts of your spirit and psyche that need activation!
Until next time,
Suzi Caffreys

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