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What's My Life's Purpose?

August 1, 2019

Do you know what you're meant to do in your precious time on Earth? Would you like to gain clarity on your life's purpose? I'm here today to show you how:

Close your eyes and recall what once brought you joy, but is no longer in your life--a hobby, activity, place, object, or even a person with whom you're no longer connected. Start a list, or just close your eyes and reminisce.

Revisiting your joy will unlock your life's purpose. The key is to re-engage with those passions, if even for a half-hour per week or 5 minutes per day.

You might be thinking, "But isn't my life's purpose supposed to give back to others?" Yes, part of everyone's purpose is to improve the well being of others and support the next generation, and you'll find those people when you participate in what makes you feel exuberant and alive!

What areas of joy have you put aside because of work or other restrictions? Go back and say hello. When we bench what brings us joy, we bench our life purpose. Unearth your destiny and find the unique gift you're meant to share with the world.

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