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Whew - These Times are Intense: Pick Your Battles.

January 25, 2017

Right now, you are sitting next to someone who does not agree with you, either silently or openly. You have to decide in this moment to block or engage. What do you do?

"Pick your battles," has long been the standard for wisdom and sage advice. My recommendation has been, "Watch your timing and delivery." Okay, but now what? We all need help beyond generic guidance.

Being available to hear a perspective that is not your own is a learned skill. When we disagree, we actually strengthen our relationships and ensure that we are standing on solid ground.

I've been hearing from many clients who have burned bridges with family and friends. The intensity of this time has hit our communication epicenters, and people are ducking for cover at a rapid pace.

Because of this, I have added Saturday appointments to accommodate those of you who have been requesting weekend sessions.

My online scheduler has been upgraded to be more efficient, and I have set aside time to pray for those who have asked for prayer.

Each of your relationships is unique, and it's impossible to speak to each situation here. If you have a heavy heart and aren't sure how to keep the communication channels open with someone who is important to you, then let's role play and talk this through.

This is a historical time. We have been given a challenge to reach a little deeper and spread our arms a little wider.

Let me know how I can help,


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