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Your Gut Is Not Psychic

April 29, 2018
  • Have you trusted your gut, and it let you down?
  •  Do you want to access your intuition and know it's real?
We are surrounded by inspiration that tells us to listen to ourselves, trust our gut instincts, and speak our truth. Yet, many of you have shared how disappointed you've felt when your intuition didn't warn you, stop you, or arise when you needed it most. You wondered if you were somehow unworthy of receiving this special information. 

Allow me to explain what blocks you from hearing God's messages. When you know what stands in your way, you can practice doing it differently with greater connection and results.  

What we call "intuition" is a source that is outside of you. I believe it is divinely given, yet available to all. You can receive divine messages when you can recognize the difference between your voice and God's voice. The first step is to understand that messages aren't coming from you, and to humble yourself to hear God's voice.
We are wired for survival, and the gut provides a vital response that keeps us alive. You have to realize, though, your gut reaction is not an intuitive message. It is a biological signal that tells you to pay attention. There may be a divine message waiting for you. You won't be able to access it until you stop believing your gut is the source of truth.

Once you've had a gut reaction to something, feelings will arise. That's a good thing. Pause and sit with them. You're building a relationship with the divine, so come as you are. You don't have to be happy, positive, or clear. Your feelings are not intuition, and they won't provide the answers you seek. What you want is connection with a loving being that's outside of yourself-one that you will come to trust. 
As you learn to rely on God's love, your own voice will get clear. As with any relationship, there will be ups, downs, and moments of confusion.  Remember, you are worthy, loved, and capable of communicating in this safe and spectacular way. Your gut and feelings might fool you, but God can be trusted completely. As always, let me know how I can support you. 
Until Next Time
Suzi Caffreys

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