A Spiritual Approach to Career Counseling

Have you always had a sneaking suspicion that your work mattered greatly and that you must know what career you’re meant to have?

Many of you have a burning desire to know Spirit’s purpose for you in the professional realms. You want to be genuinely engaged in your occupation. You want to maximize your potential, live with generosity, and find meaning in the money you make.

Discovering what will feed your soul AND meet your material needs isn’t always easy. Plus, careers transition, as our lives progress. Our work ebbs and flows, along with our capabilities.

That’s why I offer spiritual career counseling to those who want to be passionate, discerning, and profitable in their professions. Would you like to:

  •  Figure out your calling?
  • Launch a new business?
  • Leave a job that drains you?
  • Know your unique skills?
  • Prepare for retirement?
  • Strategize your next steps?

If having a business guide sounds heavenly to you, please honor your inner longing. I’ve advised hundreds of people throughout their careers. We all play a role in the evolution of society. Knowing your part lets you shine and be sustained! 



Phone Sessions: $120.00
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