Intuitive Counseling: Spiritual Advising

People often ask, "When should I come in?" You'll need only a few sessions to work through an issue or problem. This is a quick process, unlike therapy, which can be ongoing. I've had clients return years later to get support on a new life dynamic. I’ve been in the same location for ten years and am excited to be of service in this powerful way.  

Spiritual advising differs from therapy in a few significant ways:

Therapy usually includes rehabilitation, treatment, medication, and analysis. These are vital services that are the first line of defense when a person finds themselves in a life crisis. The physical brain is a remarkable muscle and when it gets off balance, it needs tending. Rehabilitation, treatment, analysis, and medication are all part of a therapeutic treatment plan. The therapist focuses on the crisis or managing a relapse, and often on things like mindfulness and self-care. 

My clients find themselves at a cross roads after or during therapy, and they want support, advice, encouragement, and understanding. As a spiritual advisor, I offer my suggestions, direct perceptions, or quick insights, while sharing with you what I am seeing from the spiritual perspective. We open up dialog and invite intuition into the session. This allows us to move quickly past the modality of analysis only.

Because I have dedicated my life to lending a listening ear, hearing, and seeing things from the spiritual perspective, I can assist my clients as they recognize what is true for themselves. We all know the truth when we hear it, and not all truths come up in a therapy session. Some just require a different approach. This is deep, spiritual work we do together. This is healing.


New Client Counseling with Suzi

In Person Counseling: $160.00

Phone Counseling: $100.00
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Follow-Up Counseling Sessions

If you have already had a session with Suzi and would like follow-up support.

Follow-Up In Person Counseling Session: $120.00

Follow-Up Phone Counseling Session: $75.00

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