Words don't describe the experience I had with Suzi. She helps tease out and sort things that you don't see and gets to the heart of it, but also confirms things you already know in a way that was immensely helpful to me. She provided positive regard and acceptance of me while giving a much deeper insight to what I was experiencing. it's much more than that and hard to put into words. It's unlike anything I have ever experienced. Some of the things she told me were hard to hear, but it was precisely what I needed to hear. It was an honest reading and a deeply helpful counsel. She was completely accurate and I spent a majority of my visit with my mouth gaping open. If I could see her every week I would.


I have been working with Suzi on a regular basis for 2 years now and plan to continue to as long as I am living in Portland. Her wisdom, guidance, compassion, and humor have enabled me to realize the truest version of my self – the self I have always wanted to be, but didn’t know it. She is my teacher, guide, and friend. Healing and growing with her has been one of my life’s greatest blessings.

It wasn’t easy at first. In fact, I did not like what she told me. It was in conflict with my selfish desires and my own limited vision of what my life was supposed to look like. She pushed me, and she was honest with me about the parts of me that I didn’t want to see. But something told me that this was a part of the journey. That sometimes Spirit has to be firm with us in order to redirect us, so that we can receive life’s incredible gifts. Even though her words sometimes scared me, frustrated me, or confused me, I always knew deep-down that they were coming from love. That she wanted what was best for me, and so did Spirit, even if I couldn’t see what that was or how to get there.

From the perspective of soul growth, it feels to me that Suzi’s aim is to help people find their true path in life. If you are walking a path that is not true to your soul, what she reveals to you may cause you inner conflict until you change course or be honest with yourself about what is mostly deeply true for you. Working with Spirit in this way is challenging because it takes precedent over the details of the lives we’ve constructed. It often asks us to surrender and start anew.

Suzi has helped me rebuild my worldview and my life trajectory many times over. The most challenging times were when I clung so rigidly to what I thought I needed to keep. But when I trust the larger processes of Spirit, the details of my life rearrange themselves on their own and I am able to feel more at peace with the process. I have even discovered joy that I never imagined was possible. It’s worth it.

The nature of this type of work requires a lot of faith and patience because it is not often clear to us how things are going to work out. But they always do, and they work out more gracefully when we show up openly and curiously for what Suzi is called to share with us. It is always, always an offering of love and guidance for our highest good.


I am so grateful to have found Suzi. She has guided me through some very challenging life changes. I have sought counseling prior to meeting Suzi and nothing compares to her gifts of getting to the truth and empowering me to trust myself to take the right path. It is because of my time with her that I have come out the other side, confident and living my life in peace. Her guidance and support has been the greatest gift. I am forever in gratitude.


I have had the pleasure of working with Suzi for the past few years and I can't thank her enough for the clarity and insight. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I am supported in my desire to start a business. I feel rejuvenated after each session and look forward to the next.


Truly amazing i have received so much value. I have a wide group of advisors having owned several business and I consider Suzi to be a very important part of my advisor team. Highly recommend

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